Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills and powers of attorney are fundamental financial, health and estate planning documents. Every person over 18 years of age, whether young or old, married or divorced or single, with or without children, should have a current will, power of attorney for property and power of attorney for personal care. The implications – financial and otherwise – for not having these documents, for not having them prepared in compliance with legal requirements, or for not having them correspond with with your wishes, may be substantial to you and your loved ones.

Before preparing your will and powers of attorney, we will discuss your financial, family and health situation in strict confidence.  This ensures you that these documents are not only drafted in accordance with the law, but also that they are tailored specifically for you.

Wills and powers of attorney provide tremendous financial value for the cost. They also provide peace of mind to you knowing that you and your family are protected should something unexpected happen.  Please contact us and we would be pleased to prepare or review your will and powers of attorney with courtesy, professionalism and compassion.

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