Real Estate Law

For most of us, a home is our largest and most important asset. Therefore, the purchase or sale of our home is likely the most important financial transaction of our lives. At Preiano Law we always urge you to be a smart consumer when hiring a real estate lawyer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions beyond simply the amount quoted for closing costs. Find out what value you are you getting for your money. Ask how much real estate experience the lawyer has. Will it be the lawyer or the administrative staff who be handling the vast majority of your real estate transaction? What services are not included? Discuss the cost and coverage of title insurance and the differences among the various policies that are available.

Preiano Law prides itself on providing exceptional real estate legal services, including the purchase, sale or refinance of a house, condominium unit, cottage property, multi-unit property, commercial property, farm property, vacant land or industrial property.  Please contact us for a competitive, honest quote and exceptional value.


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